Centennial Elementary School Library

Welcome to the Centennial Library page!

My name is Deanna Mauricio, and I am the Centennial Elementary School librarian.  I work with students every day helping them to navigate the library and to foster a love of books and reading.

Students at Centennial get to visit the library on Rotation Days 4, 5 and 6.  K-2nd grade students spend their time in the library browsing for interesting books and participating in library-themed activities.  They are allowed to check out one book every week.  3rd-6th grade students spend their time in Library exploring for new books and participating in reading centered activities.  They are allowed to check out one book every week.

During their time in Library, students learn about our various collections and continue to hone research skills that will help them throughout their education journey.  They are steadily taught how to utilize library resources and become responsible library users with a lifelong love of reading and learning.  I assist students in choosing books that will challenge them to become better readers.  The Library is designed to support the Reading Counts program at Centennial through the bright pink "hot dots" that are present on all books that students can read that count towards the program.

As the librarian at Centennial Elementary, I am thrilled to help students become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, and skills researchers.  I truly look forward to helping all students learn and explore in the Library.


Deanna Mauricio, Librarian

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